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A reminder that you can purchase a computer from anywhere, provided it meets the minimum specifications. If you'd rather re-use an old laptop, click here for information on how to make sure an older laptop is capable of meeting the needs of a student.

Does the College have any recommendations of which device to purchase?

Generally speaking, the best device is going to be the one your daughter is most comfortable using.

The most popular device used by students at the College is a MacBook, typically a MacBook Air.

The MacBook Air is highly represented within the student body and is an excellent device. The M1 MacBook Airs is exceptionally good value and offer performance and battery efficiency that is unprecedented. The M1 processor considerably outperforms even more expensive Intel based laptops.

Where is the best place to purchase from?

If you don't have a preferred vendor, the College can recommend you purchase from either:

  • Apple Education

  • Computers Now

Computers Now

To provide families with a means to purchase a recommended device for the BYOD program, the College has organised an online purchase portal via Computers Now to provide packages for both Apple and Windows devices.

The CompNow portal includes both Apple MacBooks and Windows laptops.

All devices purchased via this portal will meet the needs of the BYOD program, however due to recent changes to Australian Insurance laws, an AppleCare+ plan will need to be purchased separately.

St Scholstica's College are not involved in your transactions and does not profit in any way.

Purchasing a new device from this portal is NOT mandatory. Remember you can purchase a device from anywhere you like, provided it meets the BYOD program minimum requirements.

Apple Education

The Apple Education store is an online shop providing discounts on certain Apple hardware. It is available to teachers and students.

The discount is approx 10% off RRP.

From the Apple Education Store you can purchase an Apple MacBook from Apple along with any accessories you like.

A base model Apple MacBook Air M1 is great machine as it will breeze through all everyday tasks without skipping a beat and can also step up to run various creative software.

If you wanted to ensure it has extra capacity to last a few more years, upgrading the RAM to 16GB is recommended.

AppleCare+ is an insurance policy that Apple sell which covers accidental damage. However due to recent changes in Australian insurance law, you are no longer able to purchase it at the same time as your MacBook.

When you purchase the MacBook you get a 'complimentary' 7 day AppleCare+ trial. After that 7 days expires you can purchase the AppleCare+ program.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you purchase the AppleCare+ program to ensure you have a strategy in place for any unforeseen issues.

Remember that you can also source your own insurance policy / strategy from anywhere you choose or even add the device to your home and contents insurance.

For more information see next section about Repair Strategy.

CompNow Purchase Portal


Any package sold on this site meets the BYOD requirements

Apple Education Store