Purchase New

To assist families to get a good deal on a new device, St Scholastica's College have set up an online purchase portal via Computers Now to provide discounted devices and packages. All devices purchased via this portal will meet the needs of the BYOD program and will come with a care package which includes on premises/home repairs. There is also an option to purchase device insurance.

The College does not profit in any way and all transactions, warranties and insurance policies are directly between You and Computers Now.

Purchasing a new device from this portal is NOT mandatory. Remember you can supply a device new or used from anywhere, provided it meets the minimum specifications.

On the CompNow Purchase Portal you will find...

Purchase from Apple Education

Purchase from CompNow

Approved device bundles

A short catalogue of top quality devices, both Mac and Windows, available at discounted prices.

All bundles include an extended on-site warranty which help cover a critical part of a repair strategy.

Optional Insurance

An optional but recommended purchase. AppleCare+ will cover accidental damage and liquid spills, the insurance packages are provided by iBroker and cover;

  • Accidental Loss

  • Liquid Spills

  • Accidental Damage

  • Loss or damage by theft or attempted theft

  • Worldwide Insurance cover

The insurance policy has an overall cost based on the price of the device, as well as an excess fee payable in the event of an incident. The overall outcome is that in the incidence of damage or theft you will have a cheaper and faster turnaround on repair or replacement.

Remember that you can also source your own insurance policy / strategy from anywhere you choose or even add the device to your home and contents insurance.

For more information see next section about Repair Strategy.