Program Summary

Here you'll find an outline of this site and all of the information within.

Each student must bring a device, typically a laptop, to undertake her studies.

    • Microsoft Windows 10 or Apple macOS are supported, including the new M1 Apple MacBooks.

    • Tablets, phones, netbooks and Chromebooks are not acceptable devices.

    • Laptops and some hybrid 2-in-1 devices are acceptable, but the device must meet minimum specifications.

    • The College has organised an optional Purchase Portal to provide discount packages for buying new devices.

A device repair strategy is required.

    • Either a warranty, insurance or backup device, minimising interruption to studies if something happens.

    • SSC IT Staff are available to provide support but cannot perform hardware repairs.

Software required for studies

    • Microsoft Office and other packages are provided free

    • Installations are available once your daughter commences at the College.

    • Antivirus is required for Windows devices. The built in Windows Defender antivirus is free and ideal. macOS doesn't need an antivirus if you're vigilant and avoid dodgy websites.

    • The College uses OneDrive as the file system and recommends students to use this to keep their work automatically backed up.

    • The College provides internet filtering services whilst on campus but not in your home. There are ways you can set up home filtering.