Getting Started

To get up and running, go through this list from start to finish. Each step is dependant on the previous one, so must be done in order.

1. Login credentials

Before your daughter arrives for her first day, an email containing detailed set up steps, including her login and a temporary passphrase will be sent to her primary carers. This usually occurs mid-January.

If you did not receive an email, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

2. Set your College passphrase

Your temporary passphrase must be changed. You will receive a reset link in your welcome email.

It is incredibly important that you set a strong password, not only for your College account but for any and all services and systems you use.

Click here for important information about passwords.

3. Onboard your laptop for internet access at school

You can register 2 devices to use on our network (no phones). Click here to onboard your device.

4. Confirm access to College IT resources

We have several web resources required for school work. Check you can access each one. Save a bookmark in your browser to find your way back.

  • Compass Portal - At the login screen, just click the orange icon to sign in

The Portal provides useful information including the links provided below, plus news, notices, your timetable, and academic reports.

  • Canvas

Teachers supply most learning resources through Canvas.

  • Email

Check your mail regularly to avoid missing important information from the school and your teachers.

  • Microsoft Office Online

Sign in to download and install Microsoft Office apps.

  • Google

Sign into Google Chrome with your school email and password for access to Google Apps.

5. Set up your files and folders

We provide OneDrive for secure file storage and automatic back-up. Learn more here (requires login)

6. IT Support

The St Scholastica's College IT Helpdesk is located in the Library and we assist students with any IT issues outside of class and study time.

Assistance is offered during term breaks by appointment.

Whilst IT Staff are happy and able to assist with problem resolution and triage, we are unauthorised to perform hardware repairs.

Click here for more help information.