Repair Strategy

You must have a repair strategy in place in the event your daughter's device is faulty, damaged or lost.

This can be a warranty that covers repairs, or an insurance policy that covers accidental damage. Or perhaps just an additional spare device. The important aspect is if something were to happen that the device can be repaired or replaced in a timely fashion so as not to interrupt her studies.

Warranty and Insurance are not the same thing.

If you purchased a device from the CompNow Purchase Portal, it will have on-site repair. Click here to find out about the repair process.


In Australia, any laptop or device you buy comes with a two year manufacturers' warranty to ensure it is free from defects and poor workmanship. This applies only to devices purchased whilst you are in Australia and includes online retailers that sell to the Australian public even if their business is located overseas. If you buy a device whilst travelling abroad it is not subject to Australian Consumer Law and will likely not be covered for two years.

Whilst Apple have wording that states their devices have one year of warranty, the Australian Consumer Law overrides this and provides two years of cover. If you purchase a new Apple MacBook it is highly recommended to consider an AppleCare protection plan. If you want to buy a plan for an existing MacBook, check it's eligibility here. If you purchased the MacBook via the SSC purchase portal it will have an AppleCare plan bundled with it already.

Issues typically covered by warranty:

  • Faulty hard drives
  • Noisy fans
  • Device not powering on
  • Dark dots on the screen (dead pixels)


Purchasing insurance is a personal choice – but is highly recommended. Whilst there's lots of policies out there that covered every situation, the most typical one in a School environment is accidental damage. Often if you're buying a new device you will have the option of getting some sort of insurance policy, however this may provide too many or too few options.

There are several other companies that specialise in education device cover, iBroker is an example.

Issues typically covered by a policy;

  • Cracked screen
  • Liquid damage
  • Theft

It might be plausible to add the device to your home and contents insurance, but be sure to read the fine print to ensure it is covered within the context it will be used, eg, on the College campus. If you elect to get more things covered, such as fire and theft, the policy will cost more.

Through the SSC Purchase Portal offered by the College, there are insurance options included as optional extras.

Liquid Damage

One of the most frequent issues seen by the IT Department staff is laptops that have had liquid accidentally spilled on them. Liquid damage is not covered by any warranty, including AppleCare.

If you have a water damaged device it is extremely obvious to a repair technician and your warranty will be void. Even if you have dried it out completely there will be residue throughout the internals and some manufactures actually put in a type of litmus detector that will indicate if liquid has been present.

If you have accidentally spilled water onto your device TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY and place it upside down in a dry area and be prepared not to turn it back on for 48 hours. Here is a good article on what to do following a liquid spill.