Files & Backup

Storing your School work and ensuring it is backed up is a priority. Technology can fail, be lost or stolen so It is essential to have a backup strategy so your files are safe, no matter what happens to your device.

SSC recommends and provides access to OneDrive, which functions in a very similar way to other Cloud file systems such as Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox.

Whilst other Cloud file systems typically offer between 5 and 15GB of storage, the SSC OneDrive provides each student with 1TB of storage which is 1,024GB. OneDrive also has excellent integration with Microsoft Office allowing easy access and collaboration online with Office documents. College Teachers will send files and collaborate with students using OneDrive.

OneDrive can be used either through your web browser to edit files through Office Online or with the full Office program. You can also install a Sync Tool to keep a local copy of your files on your device and accessible for every platform.

This will potentially help prevent data loss in case of computer failure or accidental user error. The OneDrive Cloud Storage app also provides a recycle bin in case you want to restore deleted files if you saved them online.

To get OneDrive go back to the Software page and follow the instructions.