Organising a CompNow repair or replacement

Devices purchased from the CompNow Portal

These devices are covered by an agreement which provides for repairs at a service centre, at the Schols IT Helpdesk on-campus, or even at your own home.


Organise a repair yourself:

  1. Have your Serial Number ready and call the relevant number below:

    • Apple – 1300 968 979

    • Microsoft – 132 058

    • HP – 131 047

  2. Provide a detailed description of the problem

  3. Nominate where you want to get your laptop repaired:

    • service centre / on-campus / at home

  4. A date will be scheduled for a repair technician to visit your designated location

Let us assist you on campus:

  1. Bring your computer to the IT Department and advise IT Staff your laptop was purchased via the CompNow Portal

  2. Provide a detailed description of the problem

  3. If the repair is not covered by your agreement with CompNow, the IT Department will contact a parent/carer to advise on repair costs.

  4. Disable the 'Find My' function

  5. IT staff will keep your device and CompNow to organise a repair on campus

  6. When the repair is complete you will be notified to collect the device

Insurance Claims

To organise an insurance claim:

  1. Send an email to that includes;

    • Your device serial number

    • Police Incident Report number (if theft)

    • A detailed description of the claim

  2. You will receive a reply with additional instructions or questions.

  3. Pack up the laptop and send it along to the service centre with any reference numbers clearly labelled.

  4. CompNow will confirm receipt of the laptop and provide a job #.

  5. CompNow will contact you for the insurance excess before the job is processed

NOTE: If your claim relates to theft, you must get a Police Incident Report prior to making a claim.

Get help from the Schols IT Helpdesk:

To get assistance with the claim the process, feel free to contact the Schols IT Helpdesk.

Where possible, we can assist with:

  • Communications with CompNow

  • Sending and receiving packages

  • Follow up with the Service Centre

Service Centre Location

Computers Now

Sydney Office

Unit 15, Perry Park Estate

33 Maddox St

Alexandria, NSW 2015